Investment Design

Investment Builders has an architectural services division to deliver designs to our clients that are smart, practical, and look great. Being able to couple design services with construction creates an efficiency in the process that saves our clients money while greatly reducing the planning phase of the project.


Feasibility Tests

In-house architects work hand-in-hand with the project manager to ensure plans meet client specifications, geotechnical parameters, and regulatory requirements. Having these parties work with each other during the drafting process eliminates potential design edits saving the client time and money.


Investment-Guided Design

Our goal is to boost your NOI and enhance your property’s
performance. Whether we are designing a remodel, improvement or building a project from the ground up, our designs are not just nice to look at, they have a purpose. They will yield higher rents per square foot, they will cost less to maintain, and they will capitalize more quickly. Of course, they will also be nice to look at.


Faster to Market

When your builder and designer are working together, there are fewer resubmissions. This can save weeks, sometimes months, in planning. Shortening this timeline reduces your holding costs, keeps you on target with potential financing targets, and ultimately unleashes cash flow sooner.

Jack Lyon. Director of Architecture, Investment Builders, Portland Construction, Vancouver Construction

Director of Architecture, Jack Lyon

Since graduating from Washington State University in 1984, Jack Lyon's designs have been celebrated throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Jack's highly sought architectural services can be seen in high profile renovations such as Portland's historic US National Bank and Montgomery Park, the largest building in Portland which was converted from warehouse use to high end office and convention space. His talents are on display in the state-of-the-art showrooms of high-end auto dealers such as BMW of Portland and Mercedes Benz of Willsonville. Cutting edge facilities throughout the region boast Jack's work including Bend Research's Guaranteed Manufacturing Process building, Henry V's certified LEED Silver corporate headquarters, and the University of Alaska's Fishery Industrial Technology Center- designed to withstand 130 mile per hour winds, 100-degree temperature swings and profound seismic threats.

While Jack's list of commercial work is extensive, his multifamily work is both innovative and eye-catching. These projects can be found along the Columbia and Willamette riverbeds at the award-winning Residences at Yacht Harbor and River's Edge Hotel & Spa; nestled in the hillsides at The Columbia Cliff Villas and Uptown Heights Apartments; in our region's city-scapes at The Irving Street Lofts and City Center Marriott Hotel; and along the Pacific Coast at the Whale Cove Inn where innovative design brings warmth and wonderment to guests enjoying encounters with migrating whales from the comfort of their suites and the restaurant dining room.

At Investment Builders, we are proud to have Jack Lyon leading our design and architectural services team for our clients’ projects.