Investment Builders, LLC: Value-Add Construction, Remodeling, Maintenance, and Design


Offering architechtural design serivces combined with our construction services creates an end-to-end solution.

Fesibility Tests

Our in-house architects work hand-in-hand with the project manager to ensure plans meet client specifications, geotechnical parameters, and regulatory requirements. Having these parties work with each other during the design process eliminates costly modifications down the road.

Investment-Guided Design

Our goal is to boost your NOI and enhance your property’s performance. Whether we are designing a remodel, improvement, or building a project from the ground up, our designs are not just nice to look at, they have a purpose. Our goals are for the final product to yield higher rents per square foot, cost less to maintain, and capitalize more quickly. But, of course, they will also be nice to look at.

Faster to Market

When your builder and designer are working together, there are fewer resubmissions. This can save weeks, sometimes months, in planning. Shortening this timeline reduces your holding costs, keeps you on path with potential financing partners, and ultimately unleashes cash flow sooner.

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